The Study of Yemeni Migration-Reciprocal Impacts is registered in USCO

 The process of publishing and distributing the Encyclopedia of the Mutual Effects of Yemeni Migration continues, transcending geographical borders and achieving an important achievement by registering it in the USCO in the United States of America. This registration was carried out to highlight the importance and value of the study and is an acknowledgment of the important topics covered in the encyclopedia.

It also contributes to drawing attention to the issue of Yemeni immigration and the cultural rapprochement between diverse peoples and cultures. The Study of Yemeni Migration Reciprocal Impacts addresses the impact of Yemeni migration on host communities in various parts of the world.

It highlights important Yemeni figures in the diaspora, including businessmen, academics, intellectuals, religious scholars, artists, technicians, and politicians, who have left their own mark and made notable contributions to various aspects of economic, social, and political life in those countries. By hosting the study in the Library of Congress, it enjoys a prestigious status and is available to researchers and interested people from all over the world. This is an achievement that confirms the importance of the study as a valuable source of knowledge and research in the field of Yemeni migration and culture. The registration was granted from the Congressional Library's property rights with a number TX0009320890 July 2023 - Washington - USA.

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