YBRD Receives The Study of Yemeni Migration-Reciprocal Impacts

On Thursday, December 14, 2023, two hard copies of the study on the mutual effects of Yemeni migration were delivered to Mr. Hussein Fadl Harhara, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Yemen bank for reconstruction and development, and Mr. Madin Abdul Jaleel Masoud, General Manager of the Yemen bank for reconstruction and development. The copies were delivered by Dr. Ammar bin Maad Yakrub Al-Hamdani, a member of the Shura Council, and Mr. Al-Azi Al-Slawi, an advisor to the Ministry of Expatriate Affairs. One of the objectives of the study is to analyze the economic effects of migration and highlight the challenges and opportunities that arise from it.

The delivery of the study to the Construction and Reconstruction Bank reflects the commitment of the relevant authorities to finding solutions to the challenges associated with migration. Cooperation and partnership between the public and private sectors can contribute to addressing migration-related issues and promoting sustainable development. The bank can also benefit from the results of the study in developing its banking products and services to meet the needs of the public affected by migration, and also in directing investments and financing to support the economic projects undertaken by Yemeni migrants.

The study on the mutual effects of Yemeni migration is one of the efforts made to understand the challenges and opportunities related to migration, and to promote coordination and cooperation between the relevant authorities.

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