Privacy Policy

Your Data is Safe!

  • The data of the website’s subscribers on "Muhajirun" website are strictly confidential. The personal data processing operations carried out by the website/platform are subject to conditions agreed upon in advance by the user, when browsing the "Muhajirun" website, or when using one of the platform’s services.

  • "Muhajirun" website has the right to process the personal data of the website users once they create their personal accounts on the website or browse some pages of the website, or when enjoying any of the website services. This data may include the user's personal and family name, residential address, phone number or mobile phone number, the nature of his work, e-mail address, or gender.

  • "Muhajirun" website, once the user agrees to the privacy policy, has the right to send periodic emails about new website services, or invite website users to participate in any survey that may help in improving the website's services and data.

  • Users of the website have the right, at any time, to unsubscribe from the website's e-mail service.

  • "Muhajirun" website and its electronic services use cookies, which are small files or scripts automatically stored in the browser when the user visits the "Muhajirun" website. The purpose of these files is to improve the browsing experience of the "Muhajirun" website and to facilitate its browsing. These files usually appear in a bar at the top or bottom of the website, and the user has the right to agree to activate or reject them.

  • For the purposes of the continuous improvement of "Muhajirun" website and its electronic services, the website uses web analysis tools; to find out the names of the users of the website, the Internet protocol addresses of those users, and the times they spend on the "Muhajirun" website. It also can be improved by reviewing one of its services by the users, or through visiting the web pages on the website, in addition to determining the times and dates of their visits to the website.

  • The information collected, whether through cookies or analytical tools, is anonymous and is used primarily for purely statistical purposes. The data relating to the visit to "Muhajirun" website is analyzed to take some measures that would improve and develop the designs of the website’s pages or its products, in addition to maintaining the security and integrity of the platform’s services, programs, and events.

  • Should the "Muhajirun" website has made significant changes to the Privacy Policy, then the website is obligated to send e-mail notifications to all subscribers clarifying those changes.

  • If the "Muhajirun" website develops a particular service or offers a new service, then this update should be subject to the website's privacy policy.

  • "Muhajirun" website is committed not to use the personal information it owns for any purposes other than for what is stipulated in the website's privacy policy.

  • "Muhajirun" website is committed to take all possible security measures to maintain the confidentiality of users' personal information, and not to deliberately expose it to loss, damage, alteration, or misuse by third parties, however, the website in return disclaims legal responsibility for any or all of the responsibilities arising from unauthorized access to users' information.