International Migrants Day

According to United Nations sources, the General Assembly declared December 18 as International Migrants Day on December 4, 2000, in recognition of the large and growing number of migrants worldwide. Yemeni migration has a long and contemporary history, and Yemeni migrants have traveled to all corners of the earth. This was noted by a Yemeni businessman, the late Alwan Al-Shibani, owner of the Al-Alameya Group of Companies and chairman of the board of directors of the Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development, who directed and supervised the project "Study of the Mutual Effects of Yemeni Migration". This study explored the phenomenon of Yemeni migration as a phenomenon that has an impact on the lives of the Yemeni society as well as the lives of the peoples of the countries to which the Yemenis have migrated. It also highlighted the prominence of dozens of Yemeni figures in the countries of migration, including businessmen, academics, intellectuals, religious scholars, artists, technicians, and politicians who have left their clear marks in those countries and made outstanding contributions in various aspects of economic, social, and political life. The late Alwan Al-Shibani, a Yemeni businessman and philanthropist, dedicated his foundation to supporting this study. The study was conducted in five phases:

Preparation and formation of an oversight committee: The committee held a scientific symposium attended by academics, researchers, and stakeholders.

Implementation of theoretical studies: Researchers were assigned to different geographic regions to conduct research on the causes, motivations, and effects of Yemeni migration.

Implementation of field studies: Due to the ongoing war in Yemen and the COVID-19 pandemic, the field studies were limited in scope.

Twenty data collectors and ten researchers participated in the field studies.Enriching the theoretical studies and field studies: The theoretical and field studies were distributed to researchers for review and feedback. Preparation of the study for publication:

The study was published in nine volumes, covering the following topics:

The reality of Yemeni migrants in Yemen and abroad The motivations and effects of Yemeni migration The executive summary and theoretical framework Studies of the mutual effects of Yemeni migration and its impact on host countries The study is the first comprehensive study of Yemeni migration in modern history.

It provides a valuable overview of the history, causes, motivations, and effects of Yemeni migration.

The study also highlights the contributions of Yemeni migrants to the societies in which they have settled.

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