The President of the Yemeni Scientific Society for Educational Administration receives Study of Yemeni Migration-Reciprocal Impacts

To enrich scientific research and provide it with studies that deepen our understanding of Yemeni migration and culture Today, December 27, 2023, Mr. Sadiq Al-Jamai, Executive Director of Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development, handed over to the President of the Yemeni Scientific Society for Educational Administration, Dr. Khalil Al-Khatib, a paper and a digital copy of the study of the mutual effects of Yemeni migration. This expanded study aims to explore and analyze the impact of immigration on Yemeni culture and society, and to shed light on the experiences of Yemeni immigrants in various parts of the world. Studying the reciprocal effects of Yemeni migration is a comprehensive research project based on multiple sources and personal testimonies of Yemeni migrants.

The study addresses various fields such as culture, economy, and arts, as well as the challenges faced by Yemeni immigrants in diaspora countries. It also documented the unique experiences of Yemeni immigrants and their role in building new societies and contributing to economic and cultural development. This study is an important addition to the scientific library in the field of migration and Yemeni culture.

It provides a documented analytical framework for a deeper understanding of the Yemeni experience of migration and its impact on migrants and host communities. It is expected that the study will contribute to developing strategies and policies that enhance cultural integration and deepen understanding between different cultures. The receipt of the study by the President of the Yemeni Scientific Society for Educational Administration confirms the growing importance of scientific research in this field. It reflects the association's commitment to promoting research and studies that contribute to developing knowledge and deepening our understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Yemeni immigrants.

Mr. Sadiq Al-Jmai explained the general idea of ​​the encyclopedia and that it was completed under the direct guidance of the late Alwan Al-Shaibani, founder of the International Group, and it continued for more than two years and in the presence of a group of scholars and researchers at home and abroad. Studying the mutual effects of Yemeni migration represents an important station in the scientific research journey regarding Yemeni migration issues.

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