International Organization for Migration and Refugees Receives Study of Yemeni Migration-Reciprocal Impacts

In dealing with an important collection and studies of the implications of Yemeni migration, representatives of the International Organization for Migration and Refugees, were briefed on the implications of Yemeni migration to Professor Matt Hooper, Acting Head of Orientation. The presentation was made by Mr. Jamal Omar, President of Al-Khair Foundation, and Mr. Al-Sadiq Al-Jamai, Executive Director of Al-Khair Foundation. The meeting was attended by Dr. Murad Ghaleb Hussein, Professor of International Law in Sana’a, Mr. Al-Azzi Al-Salawi, Director of the Ministry of Expatriates Affairs, and Dr. Amr Ma’ad Ya’arub Al-Hamdani, Member Consultative Council. This study was carried out by Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development, and it took three years to work under the direct supervision of the late Alwan Al-Shaibani, Chairman of the Board of Directors, who showed an inappropriate interest in the Yemeni immigration issue. Find out for yourself that the study has been registered with the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress, which results in its credibility and importance. As we confirm a new step in its aspirations for the results of the study, the Al-Khair Foundation is currently working on the required situation to translate the various encyclopedias for it. The Foundation also began the next follow-up study of the commercial impacts of Yemeni migration, to reach the scope of the study and our deep understanding of this phenomenon.

This study works to highlight the impact of Yemeni migration on comprehensively concerned communities around the world, and also sheds light on important Yemeni figures in the diaspora, who have made important contributions to various aspects of economic, social and political life in that deteriorating period. For its part, the International Organization for Migration does not include the importance of the encyclopedia and this study, which is an important and large project, and its stars are concerned with the Al-Khair Social Foundation for Development. In short: This study aims to monitor the smuggling of migrants in Yemen and explore its impact in Yemen and outside it.

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