Delivering a study on the mutual effects of Yemeni migration at the Bank of Yemen and the Gulf

Today, Thursday, April 25, 2024 AD, an important event was organized at the headquarters of the Yemen and Gulf Bank, to present a study of the mutual effects of Yemeni migration. This study was received by Mr. Amin Ahmed Qasim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank. The visit was carried out by Mr. Al-Azzi Al-Salawi, Advisor to the Ministry of Expatriate Affairs, in conjunction with Dr. Amr Maadikar Al-Hamdani, Member of the Shura Council. Al-Ezzi and Al-Hamdani explained that this study aims to analyze and evaluate the mutual impacts of Yemeni migration, including economic, social and cultural impacts. To prepare the study, data was collected and field research was conducted to obtain a comprehensive view of the impact of migration on the individuals and communities concerned. The paper version of the study will contribute to providing important information for future decisions and developing appropriate policies to support and promote Yemeni migration and reduce the challenges faced by migrants. This step reflects Yemen Gulf Bank's commitment to supporting sustainable development and national responsibility. The Bank also looks forward to enhancing joint work with relevant authorities to achieve a positive impact on communities affected by Yemeni migration at home and abroad.

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