the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Receives The Study of Yemeni Migration-Reciprocal Impacts

In the presence of H.E. Ambassador Ahmad Omar, Mr. Jamal Omar, CEO of the Global Group, and Engineer Sadiq Al-Jama'i, Director General of the Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development, delivered an electronic copy and three hard copies of the study on the reciprocal effects of Yemeni migration to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, represented by Engineer Hisham Sharaf, the Minister. Also present were members of the promotion committee, Dr. Ammar Bin Mu'adid Qar'ab Al-Hamdani, a member of the Shura Council, and Mr. Al-Azi Al-Selwi, an advisor to the Ministry of Emigrants Affairs.

The attendees stressed that this study is a powerful tool to document and draw attention to the cultural and civilizational role played by Yemeni migrants in the countries in which they live. It sheds light on their personal stories, experiences, and contributions in various fields, such as the economy, science, culture, arts, education, and social development. The delivery of a copy of the study to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reflects its importance at the official and governmental levels. This study can contribute to the formulation of future policies and programs related to Yemeni migration and to the promotion of international cooperation in this regard. It can also contribute to the promotion of understanding of Yemeni migration and its reciprocal impact on host countries and Yemen itself.

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