The Minister of Human Rights Receives the Study of Yemeni Migration-Reciprocal Impacts

In recognition of the the Study of Yemeni Migration-Reciprocal Impacts, a copy of the study was presented to His Excellency the Minister of Human Rights, Mr. Ali Al-Delimi, on Monday, November 20, 2023. The study was handed over by members of the publicity committee, Dr. Amr Ma'adi Yakrib Al-Hamdani, a member of the Shura Council, and Mr. Al-Azi Al-Salawi, advisor to the Ministry of Expatriate Affairs. This study is the culmination of three years of meticulous research and analysis.

It is being disseminated to a select group of organizations, including the Ministry of Human Rights, with the objective of fostering knowledge and providing a valuable resource for researchers and stakeholders engaged in the study of migration and its multifaceted effects. The Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development expressed its profound satisfaction with the presentation of this study, emphasizing that it represents a continuous endeavor to enhance our understanding of migration and its intricate dynamics.

This study stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of the late businessman Alwan Saeed Al-Shibani, who passionately advocated for the recognition of the contributions and impact of Yemeni migrants in their host countries. His vision extended to a comprehensive examination of the underlying factors driving Yemeni migration.

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