Hayel Saeed Anam

Hayel Saeed Anam was born in one of Al-Arouk villages in Al-Hujariah, Taiz around 1902. Where he grew up among seven (7) brothers in a family characterized by goodness and generosity, despite the lack of even the basic necessities that his village and society were suffering from during that era. And there he received his primary education.
Hayel and his brothers have only inherited from their father a modest house in the village, a small cropland and small factory for sewing clothes by hand, where his brothers and other villagers were working there at the time.
His two older brothers, Mohammad and Abdo, had immigrated to work on a French steamship moving among the world's ports. Then, his brother, Mohammad had returned to help his father in the village. However, his other brother has stayed in France.In 1923, Hayel went to France where he worked, for several years, together with his brother in an oil factory in a French city called Marseille, after he experienced the hardships of working on a French steamship. Then, he decided to leave his brother there and moved to work in Somalia after having a vacation in his village and Aden.

His migration to Somalia in 1936 was like finding Aladdin's lamp, where he worked as an agent for a French merchant called “Bas”, who exports leather from Somalia to Europe via Aden. Hayel worked diligently in this business and competed with first-class merchants at that time, such as “Albus”.
Soon after, his nephew, Ali Mohammad Saeed, traveled to him to help him in running his business, which has been expanded at that time. In addition to the leather trade, he had imported foodstuffs and clothes from Aden and marketed them in Somalia, and he had a store for this purpose.
Hayel continued running this business diligently for two whole years, with the help of his nephew, until he had enough capital to end the misery of life in the immigration country. In 1938, he decided to settle in Aden and start his own business.
With the help of his two brothers, Abdo and Jazem, and his nephew, Ali Mohammad Saeed, he has established his own business between Aden and Somalia, in the field of groceries, leather, and livestock trade. This was the first real step of a major economic empire later on, which developed and expanded successively under the name “Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Companies”.

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