Yemeni Migration - Reciprocal Impacts Publicity Events

As part of the publicity events of the "Yemeni Migration - Reciprocal Impacts" study, Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development, the Social Responsibility of Universal Group, represented by its Publicity Committee Members, handed a copy of the study to the Migration and Refugee Studies Center that was received by the Center Vice President and Secretary General. A copy was also handed to the General Manager and Deputy Manager of the Center Library in addition to handing a copy to the President of Sana'a University and another one to the University’s Central Library.

In his turn, the President of Sana'a University granted an appreciation and gratitude letter to Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development. He also commended the study and emphasized the importance of holding a workshop in cooperation with the Migration and Refugee Studies Center at Sana'a University to discuss the study outcomes and work on submitting recommendations to the government based on the workshop results.

Additionally, a copy of the study was handed to Al-Qissah Club "نادي القصة-إل مقه". During the event, one of the Publicity Committee Members gave an overview of the study, its importance, and phases, and urged researchers and writers to pay attention to this study and hold ongoing activities relating to it. On his part, the Club's official expressed his utmost thanks and appreciation to Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development and confirmed club representatives' adoption of future activities to celebrate this study and present the studies it contained, pointing to the importance of this scientific achievement locally, regionally and globally.

The Foundation seeks to exert its efforts in establishing the idea and initiative of the Late Founder of the Foundation, Mr. Alwan Saeed Al-Shaibani, which emphasized the importance of widely disseminating the study locally, regionally, and internationally to showcase the role of the Yemeni migrant in host countries and domestically.

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