President of Aden University Receives the Study of Yemeni Migration- Reciprocal Impacts

Within the activities of publicizing the study on Yemeni Migration- Reciprocal Impacts, Al Khair Foundation for Social Development represented by its Publicity Committee, handed over a copy of the study to the President of Aden University Professor Al-Khader Lasour, in addition to handing over another copy to the Director General of Aden University Central Libraries Professor Ahlam Mohammed Maddah. In turn, they expressed their deep thanks and gratitude to the Foundation for this generous gesture.

The Foundation seeks, through these publicity activities, to entrench the idea and initiative of the sponsor of the study and Chairman of the Foundation, the Late businessman, Mr. Alwan Saeed Al-Shibani, and widely disseminate the study locally and internationally to preserve the positive and prominent roles of Yemeni migrants that have long been denied.

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