Minister of Planning and Development Receives the Study of Yemeni Migration-Reciprocal Impacts

In continuation of the publicity of the "Yemeni Migration - Reciprocal Impacts" study, which aims to preserve the contributions and positive roles of Yemeni migrants wherever they land, the study that the late businessman Mr. Alwan Saeed Al Shaibani took great care in implementing it only just to show and preserve the positive impacts and roles of Yemeni migrants, of whom he himself was one Al Khair Foundation for Social Development presented a copy of the study to Mr. Abdulaziz Nasser Al-Kumaim, the Minister of Planning and Development. In response, Mr. Al-Kumaim expressed his sincere gratitude and appreciation for this initiative undertaken by Al Khair Foundation as one of its developmental projects, under the auspices of its former Chairman of the Board, the late Mr. Alwan Al-Shaibani, may Allah have mercy on him.

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