From Busboy to Restaurant Chain Owner

From Busboy to Restaurant Chain Owner (*)
The success stories of Yemeni immigrants in the United States of America and other countries are countless. Here is a story of a Yemeni migrant teaching us how a person can make a paradigm shift in our life. Mohammed Hassan Molhi, also known as Abu Sinan, started his career in the United States as a busboy in an Arab restaurant in Dearborn, bussing is one of the jobs practiced by many immigrants to the United States, at least initially, considering that when they arrive they lack the educational qualifications and linguistic skills. What distinguishes the story of Abu Sinan is that he developed his business and culinary skills and became one of the most famous Mediterranean chefs in Michigan. He has also become an owner and partner of a chain of restaurants in the state.
Abu Senan, who immigrated to America in 1989, said that immediately after his arrival, he began to work as a busboy in “La Shish” restaurant, which at that time had an excellent reputation in the state. Through his contact with the chefs, Abu Senan started gradually learning to cook himself by helping the cooks cope with the last-minute orders, which they did not have time to prepare immediately. Abu Senan continued to work in this career for three years, before becoming an independent cook, but there is a funny story he told about his beginnings in learning to cook, and what was for him the starting point.
Abu Senan recalled one night; two customers entered the restaurant and ordered “Tomato Kibbeh”. The chefs were on duty and too busy to prepare the complex dish in a timely manner, so they wondered who could prepare this dish? Abu Senan took the initiative to prepare the dish. It was his first formal dish in the restaurant. While he was preparing this dish, he was afraid of the unpleasant feedback from customers, but the surprise was when the waitress came asking who prepared that dish, and then everyone evaded taking responsibility, believing bad feedback from the customers, except the opposite, happened. The two customers really liked the dish and gave the waitress ten (10) dollars as a tip and expressed how delicious the dish was. As for the start of his business career as a restaurant chain owner and manager in Michigan, Abu Senan said he began a business partnership with an immigrant founding and launching “Royal Kabob” restaurant in Taylor. This venture has achieved tangible success and made him think about expansion. He then opened another restaurant in Hamtramck, Michigan, which is called (Malek Al Kabob).
Most recently, Abu Senan entered into a partnership at (La Palma Restaurant) with another immigrant, located in the center of Detroit. Now preparations are in full swing to open a new restaurant in Dearborn city. Abu Senan intends to stylize this new restaurant in a unique way featuring plans of Arab Mediterranean and Yemenis dishes, making it the first restaurant to serve such dishes under one roof in the city.
It seems that the success of Abu Sinan did not come out of the blue. The man has a strong work ethic, respects people and others he works with, appreciating their efforts. He also does not hesitate to help others, especially new immigrants who are unable to find jobs easily.

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