CAMA’s Chairman Receives the Study of Yemeni Migration- Reciprocal Impacts

As part of the publicity events of the "Yemeni Migration - Reciprocal Impacts" study, Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development, represented by its Vice Chairman and the General Manager of Universal Group, Mr. Jamal Omar and the Foundation's General Manager, Mr. Sadeq Al-Jama'ei, along with the members of the study's Publicity Committee, presented a copy of the study to Mr. Mohammad Abdulkader, the Chairman of Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority (CAMA). In response, Mr. Mohammad Abdulkader expressed his utmost gratitude and appreciation for this initiative, which reflects the Foundation's commitment to supporting scientific research and sustainable development. He also thanked the late businessman and sponsor of the study, Mr. Alwan Saeed Al Shaibani, for his efforts, as this study has contributed and will continue to contribute to preserving the positive roles of Yemeni migrants throughout history.

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